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Long-term do the same movement easy to develop osteoarthritis

Long-term do the same movement easy to develop osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, proliferative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, commonly known as bone hyperplasia, bone spur, is characterized by articular cartilage degeneration, injury and bone hyperplasia.

It belongs to the occurrence of complications such as “bone sputum” and “waist and leg pain” in Chinese medicine. Age, obesity, obesity, and genetic factors are all factors influencing the disease.

The disease occurs mostly in middle-aged and elderly people, with high incidence of weight-bearing joints and hyperactive joints, such as the spine, hip, knee, and interphalangeal joints.

The knee joint is the most complex large joint of the human body. It requires flexibility and stability, and the possibility of osteoarthritis.

  Common signs are joint swelling, tenderness, joint friction sounds (ie, sounds when active), deformities and dysfunction.

There is no specific laboratory diagnosis method for this disease, and X-ray filming of the knee joint is an important diagnostic tool.

The signs of X-rays are: narrowing of the joint space, hardening of the bone under the ribs, formation of extra bones (bone spurs) at the joint edge, and bone deformation.

  As the saying goes, “People are old and old, and they are anti-aging and knee-protecting.” This disease is a chronic degenerative disease that cannot be completely cured.

Chinese medicine advocates “no disease first prevention”, prevention of knee osteoarthritis, must start from a young age, should pay attention to the following points: 1 maintain normal weight, body fat, if necessary, lose weight, reduce the weight of the knee joint; 2 shelter from the windCold and damp, pay attention to joints to keep warm, avoid joint trauma; 3 protect the functional position of the joints, do not make the tendons, ligaments and joints themselves excessively involved, rubbing and squeezing when the joints are flexed and flexed.

4 Do not continue to do the same movement or fix the joint in the same position, avoid doing unstoppable movements or excessively fast movements, and stop joint movement immediately when pain occurs.

6 Avoid excessive load on the joints, try not to wear or wear high heels.

Studies have shown that women wearing high heels, the weight of the knee joint is three times that of normal people. When wearing high heels down the stairs, the pressure on the knee joint is 7 for ordinary people?
9 times.

  In patients with knee osteoarthritis, during the acute attack period, exercise should be prohibited and less walking.

After the elimination has subsided, the soft movement of alternating joint impact is small, and the patient automatically exercises, step by step, including increasing joint activity exercise, strengthening joint strength around the joints and increasing endurance exercise, such as walking, quadriceps exercise, swimming,Tai Chi, etc., to improve joint function and promote rehabilitation.

Also pay attention to taking vitamins A, C, E and vitamin D supplements, etc., also have a certain preventive effect on osteoarthritis.

Osmanthus fragrans is not only fragrant, but also healthy?

Osmanthus fragrans is not only fragrant, but also healthy?

When the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance is fragrant, the most time to make a cup of osmanthus tea, it should be healthy.

Osmanthus tea can raise the lungs, prevent coughing in autumn and winter, and also raise the liver and improve the function of the spleen and stomach.

Women drink osmanthus tea, and also have the effect of regulating menstruation.

In the market, you can easily buy dried sweet-scented osmanthus. When the season is over, you can also buy fresh osmanthus.

Osmanthus fragrans has several colors, yellow is called golden laurel; white is called silver laurel; red is called osmanthus, and the aroma is the strongest.

There is also a kind of four seasons, the aroma is lighter, but the drivers are all blooming.

It is a shrub with a short plant type that can be planted in pots and is cold-tolerant and can grow in the north.

How to deal with fresh osmanthus after picking?

If you are picking yourself, you should pay attention: fresh osmanthus should be put for a while after picking. If you look closely, you will see small worms crawling out of the petals.

This is a small worm that is attracted by the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus.

Therefore, the flowers you just picked should not be used immediately. It is best to put them for 1 hour, then use light salt water for 10 minutes to clean them.

Detoxification–[桂香醒酒汤]Ingredients: 30 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus (dry product), 60 ebony, 30 pieces of rock sugar. Method: 1. Divide all the raw materials into 10 portions and put them into 10 tea bags.

2, take 1 bag each time.

Brewed in boiling water.

Pour off the water after 1 minute.

3, once again into the boiling water, 焖 20 minutes after the supplement, you can repeatedly brew.

Special effects: Shengjinzhike, appetizing and greasy, hangover, as long as you can help the liver to hangover, poisonous bright eyes -[木樨暖香茶]Ingredients: Osmanthus 3 g (dry) or 6 g (fresh), brown sugarProduction method: add osmanthus, brown sugar into the cup, brew with boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes, you can brew repeatedly.

Special effects: warm stomach and dispelling cold, qi and blood circulation, conditioning irregular menstruation, regular drinking can make the eyes brighter.

Prevention of gum swelling and pain -[Osmanthus honey drink]Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, 50 grams of plum sauce, 500 grams of honey Production method: 1, take a clean and oil-free glass bottle, boiled with boiling water.

2, fresh osmanthus is cleaned, put the water in the steamer to boil, put the osmanthus in the pot and steam in the pot for 1 minute and then start the pot.

3. Put the sweet-scented osmanthus into a glass bottle, add the plum sauce, and mix well.

4, finally pour honey, let the honey completely cover the sweet-scented osmanthus, seal the bottle mouth, pickled for 2 weeks into a sweet-scented nectar.

5, take 2 scoops each time, add a portable cup, replace with warm water.

Special effects: Shugan, spleen, appetizer, lungs, phlegm, fresh breath, prevent gum swelling

Autumn cool to eat three red spleen and blood

Autumn cool to eat “three red” spleen and blood

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the weather gradually turned cold, and autumn dryness began to change to “cool and dry”.
Wang Zhu, director of the Department of Health, Tianjin Second Affiliated Hospital, said that at this time, you should eat more spleen and digestive food. Women should pay attention to blood supplements. If appropriate, eat more red dates, red beans, peanuts, etc.Dry.
  Wang Zhu said that in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, women should pay attention to maintaining blood and preventing premature aging.
The recommended nourishing product is red dates.
The ancient book of medicine “Medical Doctors Record” records that the red dates are sweet and flat, and have the effects of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, nourishing the blood and strengthening the spirit, and moistening the lungs.
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that red dates contain a large amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can regulate the body’s metabolism and enhance the ability of cardiomyocytes to resist damage, ischemia and hypoxia.
The red bean is sweet and sour, contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially rich in iron, vitamin B12, which is beneficial to diuresis, blood and blood circulation.
Women who have lost blood during menstruation and often have dizziness, pale face and other symptoms, often drink hot red bean soup can warm the stomach and improve the symptoms of anemia.
In addition, sweet, flat peanuts can also benefit Qi and spleen, blood and stop bleeding.
Peanut clothing (red skin of peanut kernels) can inhibit fibrin dissolution, increase platelet content, improve platelet quality, and promote bone marrow hematopoietic function, and is effective for bleeding and anemia.
  At the same time, Wang Zhu reminded that excessive consumption of red dates can cause stomach acid, and jujube skin is not easy to digest; red beans are mild, and a lot of food is easy to get angry; peanuts have high calorie and fat content, so eating this “three red”Moderate amount.

White-collar women have to correct 6 wrong sitting postures

White-collar women have to correct 6 wrong sitting postures

We are used to sitting in front of the computer and not moving the nest, even if we know that the lumbar vertebrae, the bad habits of the eyes can not be changed.

But do you know that the wrong sitting posture will not only make your body uncomfortable, but also affect your posture, body shape and even weight?

Sitting posture determines health and determines the state.

Correcting bad posture is not difficult, just see if you have any determination!

Can sitting in a bad position bring some trouble?

Isn’t it cervical spondylosis and mouse hand, what else?

You are too small to look at the previous 8 hours!

The wrong sitting position will also cause you to fall into the six abyss of chest, drooping, migraine, and elephant legs.

Is it a bit unsatisfactory?

Learn to sit up right now.

  First, the chest is drooping forward + hunchback, the entire human body in front of the computer, the body of the computer is always unconsciously leaning forward, the tilt will be close to the table, gradually being squeezed to twist, causing deformation and sagging.
The work at the desk is the most likely to cause the hunchback and shoulders to bend forward. This kind of sitting position is slack and the upper side is slack and weak, but without the support of strength, of course, it can’t resist the gravity!

  Keep in mind the principle of “one punch from the table above”. If you forget it, don’t hinder the long necklace with exaggerated shape, or cut half of the tennis card on the side of the table facing up, it can be a very good reminder.

You can also try to use the mouse with another hand every two weeks (the left and right buttons of the mouse can be used to set the opposite), and it can also effectively prevent the body from tilting.

  Second, migraine squats reclining on the desktop, squinting at the screen and leaning on the desktop to pay attention to the screen?

Put the earpiece between the dum and the head to answer the call?

These postures narrow the muscles near the cervical vertebrae and reduce the blood supply to the cerebral cortex.

In addition, the computer screen that is too high or too low will make you shrug your shoulders unconsciously, hunchback, and the cervical vertebra will also be deformed, which will easily lead to migraine.

  First check your computer, the middle part of the display should be just right at your chin; if you can, the phone should be answered by a loudspeaker or earphone, and the wrong sitting posture of the phone with the earpiece is avoided.

A girl who needs to type every day, can put a small reminder on the prominent position of the edge of the keyboard, for example: “Do not shrug!

“” hook typing, no!


  Third, the mouse hand desktop is too high, shrugging shoulders, the bladder operating keyboard and mouse female wrist is finer, the nerve in the middle of the wrist is subjected to increased pressure, so the mouse hand catch rate is more than 3 times that of men!

Pressing the palm of your hand against the wrist on the table causes all the weight to rest on the nerves, muscles and blood vessels of the wrist, and the degree of dorsiflexion of the wrist is almost close.

If this situation persists for a long time, the blood circulation of the hand will be affected, and the mouse hand will naturally find the door!

  The position of the keyboard and mouse is raised, and the degree of dorsiflexion of the wrist is just reduced. We can put it in a slightly lower position according to our own situation.

When the arm is naturally drooping, the height of the elbow joint is the height at which the mouse and keyboard are placed. At the same time, every two hours, the activity should be double wrists, clenched fists, and do finger exercises.

  Fourth, the hard cervical vertebra is too forward, close to the computer screen neck is straight from the front, but actually the cervical vertebrae wrapped by the muscle is protruding forward.

Long-term poor sitting posture can lead to muscle deformation and stiffness, while the cervical vertebrae lose the support of the muscles. This anterior convex cervical vertebrae will gradually straighten or even twist with the external force.

  Adjust the height ratio of the tabletop to the chair to avoid the head must be over-rear or over-successful, is the market available for delivery with the desktop 10?
The 30 degree adjustable beveling work plate will be more conducive to sitting adjustment.

In addition, remember to exercise gently and slowly for a few seconds every hour or so to avoid stiffness and allow the head and neck muscles to get a full blood supply.

  Five, the zombie backed up the Erlang leg, squatting on the armrest of the chair on one side unconsciously tilted the Erlang leg?

This posture restricts the blood flow of one leg, and the weight of the upper body is also pressed against one leg, causing the spine to bend and stiffen.

In addition, chairs that cannot be adjusted or have no backrest often cause the body to lean forward too much, so the symptoms of spinal curvature and lumbar disc herniation are more serious.

  Each person’s body is different, so it is best to choose a manual “adjustment” for the office seat.

The height of the chair should be such that the feet can be placed flat on the floor and the thighs should be parallel to the floor; the back of the chair should be close to the edge and kept at an angle of about 120 degrees.

Oh, yes, if you need to watch the computer screen continuously, it is best to choose a high back chair to support the entire back.
  Sixth, the elephant leg chair is too high or too low, the knee joint can not be at right angles, even if the sitting posture is correct, as long as the time is too long, our legs will have different degrees of edema, no way, who let the blood supply to these are pressedLived!
If you add a leg, the chair is not suitable for the wrong sitting posture, the legs are swollen, and the knee joint tingling will definitely be more serious.

  If you want to keep your legs slim and healthy, you must remember to get up every half an hour. You don’t have to do special exercises. As long as you take two steps, you can effectively avoid edema.

The height of the chair should also be appropriate. When sitting, the legs should be at a 90-degree angle, and the feet should be placed on the ground.

  Pick the best office chair 5 principle 1, pick the wheel of the office chair to bear most of your weight, be sure to be firm, strong, flexible, so try to choose the metal wheel; sit up and try to slide, can not “squeak”, alsoCan not be unstable.

  2, pick the elastic chair to raise the chair to the highest, and then put it down one by one. If the chair is lowered to the end, there is no rebound, indicating that the quality of the air pump is not good enough, and the height adjustment function of the chair is not very good.

  3, picking the board sitting board must meet the curve of the human hip and thigh, too flat, too hard chair is damaged by the spine, and too soft, too thick sponge chair can affect the blood circulation of the legs.

  4, the back of the backrest chair should have support at the waist, and it should be flexible and volume, the office chair with adjustable backrest angle is ideal.

  5, pick the height to choose a seat with a headrest or high back, the cervical vertebra can get full support and rest.

The harm of vaginitis and common preventive measures

The harm of vaginitis and common preventive measures

Although “ten women and nine inflammation”, these problems have been accustomed to vaginal vagina, but if you do not pay more attention or affect the majority, do not believe can look at the following vaginitis vaginitis hazard 1, cancer vaginitis for a long time, or vaginitisIf the treatment is not timely, the condition of the vaginitis patients will often deteriorate rapidly. Some patients with vaginitis may even become cancerous, which seriously threatens the patient’s life and health.

2, psychologically harmful vaginitis belongs to the category of sexually transmitted diseases. Once diagnosed, many patients with vaginitis will carry a heavy psychological burden.

When a spouse is sick, it is convenient for mutual suspicion, which leads to family disharmony and may even lead to a marriage crisis.

Vaginitis brings a heavy psychological burden to patients, and it takes a long time to cause mental illness.

3, affecting the birth vaginitis will affect the quality of birth, especially during pregnancy, after suffering from vaginitis, it is easy to cause abortion and other symptoms, and, when the baby passes through the maternal birth canal, it is easy to contract vaginitis virus, resulting in babiesSuffering from vaginitis.

4, preventive measures for discomfort vaginitis After the occurrence of vaginitis, vaginitis worsens and increases, after the increase, vaginitis can cause local discomfort.

Because of the location of vaginitis, more in the urethra, labia, vagina, perianal, etc., these parts are susceptible to microbial infections, vaginitis caused by ulcers, suppuration, bleeding, pain and swelling.

Vaginitis is a lot of harm, so don’t take vaginal odor, vaginal itching, and don’t feel it is difficult to talk about it. Timely treatment is the last word.

Let’s take a look at how to prevent vaginitis!

1, wear cotton underwear, and change frequently, wash the vulva towel and basin to separate separately.

Wash your underwear in the sun and do not leave it in the bathroom.

2, wear clothing must be breathable, do not wear pantyhose or skinny jeans in a row.

3, convenient to wipe the direction should be from front to back, to avoid bringing Candida at the anus to the vagina.

4. If you used to sit in a swimming pool and chat by the pool, you can change it later. In public swimming pools, places like bathrooms should not sit casually. Public toilets are no exception.

5, please try to maintain a cheerful mood, because psychological reasons will also reduce the body’s immunity, so that Candida can take advantage of it.

6, do not replace the vulva and vagina with a disinfectant or a variety of detergents.

It is best to clean the genitals with clean water instead of a wide variety of lotions.

7, choose a good vaginal skin care products, remove toxins from the body, protect the vaginal self-cleaning environment.

8, do not use sanitary pads in non-menstrual periods.

Avoid prolonged stagnation in a hot, penetrating, airtight environment.

This is easy to breed bacteria and cause vaginitis.

9, eat spicy food and sweets.

Usually have a healthy balanced diet, eat less irritating food, and let the immune system move normally.

Eat a proper amount and avoid eating too many sweets!

This is easy to cause fungal vaginitis.

The above is about the harm of vaginitis and the related precautions.

Hope to arouse everyone’s attention, Millennium (WeChat: qiandaisi) with you to care for privacy, enjoy a healthy life.

Eat hot early, eat cold late

Eat hot early, eat cold late

In the old saying, “Gang Shengshen soup in the morning and ginger ginseng cream in the evening.”

Although eating ginger at night is not really poisonous like arsenic, it tells the truth of a health regime: “It is also a hot food. It is good for eating in the morning and a lot of harm at night.”

You must eat cold food at night.”

  There is a theory of “yin and yang” in Chinese medicine.

In the morning, you should “rise the sun”, eat some warm yang, qi, help Yang long food, some red meat, onion ginger and so on.

Hot food can improve metabolism, invigorate the spirit, promote digestion, and help one day of work and study.

In addition, it is suitable for raising the liver in the morning, and hot food can help the rise of liver gas.

If you eat too much cold food in the morning, it will cause poor blood flow in multiple systems in the body, which will cause irritation, increase the burden of digestion and digestion, damage the digestive function, hurt the stomach, constipation, diarrhea, cold, fatigue.And other issues.

  And close to the evening, the yin and yang are eliminated, it is necessary to eat some foods that are cold and nourishing.

Cool food is good for smooth mood, smooth ventilation and recovery.

At night, you should be calm, and cool foods have a calming heart.

Or take ginger to make an example. Eat ginger in the morning, can promote appetite, warm body, and be good for health; but if you eat ginger at night, it will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, intense over-excitement, affecting sleep and fatigue recovery, over time, must beHarmful to human health.

  So, how should the diet “eat early, eat cold late”?

Breakfast can eat rice, bread, taro and other staple foods, coffee, milk, hot chocolate and other drinks, they can warm up and refresh; at noon can eat beef, chicken, lamb and other hot meat, with leeks, onions, chives, garlic, etc., so that you can be refreshed in the afternoon.

If you like spicy hot pot, barbecue and other spicy food, you may wish to eat at noon.

In the evening, don’t drink strong tea and coffee, but drink some lily millet porridge, lotus seeds, and cereals.

In the evening, the diet should be light, beef and mutton, fried food, and spicy food dinner should not be touched.

If you want to eat meat in the evening, the meat is better with fish and pork. It is also good with mushrooms, tofu, radish, rapeseed, celery, etc., soothing food can help the body discharge waste and relieve fatigue.

Good medicine is not all bitter and sweet medicine can cure

Good medicine is not all bitter and sweet medicine can cure

Many people who mention Chinese medicine will think of the phrase “good medicine is good for the disease”. In fact, not all Chinese medicines for treating diseases are bitter.

The following Chinese medicines that I have told you can not only treat the small problems that are common in life, but also the sweetness.

  Nourish in winter: Luo Han Guo Luo Han Guo has a certain nourishing effect on the lungs and intestines. It is dry in winter, and taking Luo Han Guo has a good health care effect.

In addition, the sweet vitamins in Mangosteen have the effect of lowering blood sugar and can help treat hyperlipidemia.

Mangosteen is also rich in vitamin C and has anti-aging effects.

It is very easy to take mangosteen, simmer in water, brew immediately, or you can chew it directly, brew twice a day, once 10 grams.

  Help digestion: The main ingredients of Dashanjing Pills Dashanjing Pills are hawthorn, malt and divine songs. This medicine has a good laxative effect and helps digestion, and the effect on food accumulation in the stomach is more significant.

Eat greasy food, do not digest, take one, usually about twenty minutes will eliminate the symptoms.

  In addition to the Dashanqi pills, the sugar can also help digestion, but now the pharmaceutical shop sells less, you can ask the store selling sugar-fried chestnuts, maybe there will buy candy.

  Cough and phlegm: Kumquat pills cough on weekdays, everyone can eat kumquat pills, or drink Chuanbei dew.

Chuanbei cockroach is sweet and cool, and has a good antitussive effect. It is especially suitable for children.

Children can be served less frequently, such as drinking three teaspoons each time, six or seven times a day.

Director Wang reminded that when there were many times, Chuanbei Lulu and fresh bamboo were put together, and the effect of relieving cough and relieving cough was better.

However, if the limbs are cold, white, white, greasy or loose stools, it is not advisable to take fresh bamboo.

  Intestinal laxative: Maidong constipation is a common disease in life, especially in the elderly, women are more frequent, Director Wang to open a slightly sweet “sugar soup.”

You can buy 30 grams of Yuanshen, 24 grams of raw land, 24 grams of wheat winter, eight cups of water, three cups of cooking, 60 ml of honey, three times warm clothes.

Zengyetang can increase gastrointestinal motility, and the effect of moisturizing the intestines is very significant.

In this case, the effect of soaking soup in winter is also very good, but it is used with caution in diabetic patients.

Qiqihar-Longsha District, the Northern Ethnic Elderly Health Care Center Construction Project (Northeast Minsheng Area)

Qiqihar-Longsha District, the Northern Ethnic Elderly Health Care Center Construction Project (Northeast Minsheng Area)

Project location: Qiqihar-Longsha District Project Overview: The project construction site is located in Longsha District, Qiqihar City, with an area of 3,300 square meters and a construction area of 5,000 square meters.

The district has complete infrastructure, convenient transportation and excellent environment, which is suitable for project construction.

It is proposed to build a comprehensive office building, an independent setting of a medical and nursing type pension apartment, a project construction nursing service center, a medical rehabilitation health center, a sports and leisure center and other infrastructure, reaching 200 sets of beds.

There are more than 200,000 elderly people in Longsha District and surrounding areas. The demand for social pension market is huge and the market prospect is broad.

Investment method: The investment amount of the sole proprietorship project: 100 million yuan (1459.

Expected investment recovery period: 10 years project progress and stage: construction project responsibility unit name: Longsha District Business Bureau Project Source: Heilongjiang Province Investment Promotion Key Project Library If you need more Northern Project Information Private Message IPay attention to the northern economy and pay attention to the scale of the tertiary industry. Here is the micro-investment bank. If you have some financial problems, you can leave a message directly to me. I am Wang Huicheng. We will see you next time.

Fruits and vegetables are essential meals for weight loss, but they should be eaten at the right time.

Fruits and vegetables are essential meals for weight loss, but they should be eaten at the right time.

In the summer, everyone is far away from meat and meat, and fruits and vegetables have become a meal, that is, quenching thirst and delicious.

However, it is better to eat fruits and vegetables in the summer, and to lose weight more effectively. When the fruits and vegetables are made, it not only conforms to the natural way, but also tastes more delicious. Adding strength to the slimming project?
Fruit1 watermelon is a hot day when you eat a cold watermelon with only one word: cool!

Real-time summer heat and sultry, and the watermelon is cool, which helps to quench your thirst.

At the same time, watermelon contains a lot of potassium, which is also helpful for diuresis. If there is edema, you may wish to eat more.

  Fruit2 bitter gourd bitter melon has very low sugar and trace content, so it is relatively low, and no more food will exceed the standard.

And when it is made in the summer, the bitterness is of course stronger, which helps to suppress the appetite and naturally slims you down.

  Fruit3 is very high in weight, just to supplement the water in summer, and in addition to gum, fruit acid, cucumber also contains biologically active enzymes, which can promote metabolism, diuretic, and enhance cell activity.

  Fruit4 melon winter melon high potassium and low sodium characteristics, especially suitable for edema people, and the inclusion of propanol acid, can inhibit the conversion of sugar into strontium.

At the same time, the active substance can also inhibit the precipitation of melanin in the body, bringing an extra whitening effect.

  Fruit5 pineapple talks about pineapple. The first impression may be damp heat, but in fact it contains a lot of vitamins, which not only helps digestion and absorption, but also decomposes trace amounts and increases gastrointestinal motility. It is very effective for weight loss.

Xiaobian warm tips, remember to use salt water to soak a bubble before eating pineapple?
Fruit6 is rich in iron, calcium and carotene, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, and has the functions of heat, detoxification and laxative.

Be aware that detoxification is definitely an important part of losing weight.

  Fruit7 asparagus is rich in asparagine, which can increase metabolism and anti-oxidation in the body, thus helping sodium excretion, which is helpful for obesity and edema.

  Fruit8 guava has a low transient and full stomach feeling. It is a good meal replacement choice, and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can improve the metabolic rate and eliminate the toxins in the body.

  8 kinds of fruits and vegetables are made in the summer, even if it is not a diet meal, eating more fruits in summer is harmless.

Lack of sleep makes older men older

Lack of sleep makes older men older

A new study suggests that lack of sleep can lead to a decline in plasma ketone levels in older men.

  In a lab environment, researchers conducted a one-night sleep scan of 12 healthy men aged 64-74 and measured their major androgen-thyroid ketone levels. They found that only reducing sleep caused testosterone levels.The decline in the level of rare earth ketones is highest in the morning.

The study was reported in detail in the magazine “Sleep” published this month.

  Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Brighton Sleep Health Center in Massachusetts, former president of the American Sleep Medicine Association, Lawrence?

Epstein pointed out that this research object is too small to represent the entire elderly male population, so the research results are only suggestive, not deterministic.

Epstein said: “You will be surprised that sleep can affect the secretion of hormones, and it can also affect some factors that we think are related to exacerbation.

“The research host, Praman of the University of Chicago?”

Number of people in Peneffe’s research report: These male subjects studied sleep time from 4.


8 hours, very consistent with their usual sleep time at home.

  Thyroid ketone is a sterol hormone that plays an important role in sexual desire, metabolism, muscle mass, bone density and immune function.

The hormone secreted by adult males is 20-30 times that of adult females.

Scientists have learned some about the relationship between sleep quality and aging and sex hormones.

For example, from the age of 20 or 30, men’s thyroid ketone levels are gradually reduced by one to two percent; the decline in androgen levels, bone density and metabolism cause adverse effects; young men’s sleep has been provenDeletion of sex hormone levels decreased.

  Penev pointed out that a 2004 study has long found that thyroid ketone treatment is insufficiently useful for healthy older men.

Therefore, it is better for people to leave enough time to sleep in the night.

“Many sleep deprivation situations are self-seeking,” Epstein said. “People would rather stay up late to watch TV, go online, do other things, but not sleep enough.”